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Love of Convenience

John 15:13 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. 

Christ’s teaching on love is often twisted or at the very least misunderstood. Instead of the sacrificial love that Jesus teaches, we often practice a love of convenience. Let us ask ourselves a few questions regarding love.


I – Is it based on Selfishness?

Years ago the singer Whitney Houston sang a song called "The Greatest Love of All". In this song she sings these words

The greatest love of all Is easy to achieve Learning to love yourself, It is the greatest love of all

She sings that the greatest love of all is learning to love yourself. Yet Jesus teaches that there is no greater love than laying down your life for OTHERS! I believe that most people are fully aware of how to love themselves. By nature we are selfish and self-centered. Often the deeds of love we practice are not done for the good of others but of self. We will often do good because we like the way it makes us feel. It makes us feel good about ourselves if we give to someone in need.

Often the emotion of “love” is not based on Christ’s premise of selflessness. The emotion is often confused with fear. We hold onto people very tightly not because we love them too much but because we fear how letting go will affect us. Is it that we love our children too much or are we afraid that we cannot handle it if something bad happening to them? Do we love our mates too much or are we afraid that we couldn’t handle it if they were to leave? Selfishness finds an easy hiding place behind the lofty ideals of love.


II – Is it based on Sacrifice?

Love is measured by sacrifice. We often hear of a “mother’s love” as an example of sacrificial love. I know mothers who risked their own lives and faced death in order to give life to a child. Even in the “easiest” pregnancies and deliveries there is the sacrifice of the mother’s body, the pain of delivery, then the late night feedings, the lack of sleep, and all of the other sacrifices of motherhood.

Using the comparison of the mother, does the following sound like sacrificial love?

  • Ignoring the cries of the infant because the mother doesn’t feel like getting up?

  • Using disposable income to pay someone to get up with the child?

  • To continue living as she always has with the assumption that somebody else will get up with the child?

You see, laying down a life means more than being willing to die for someone. It means being willing to live for someone else. The sacrificial love of the mother doesn’t end with facing the pain and (at times) possible death to deliver the child. But, it means to continue to sacrifice for the child after it is born. To continue to sacrifice for the child after it is born is laying down her life.

Now compare this to how we love each other and how we love the Lord. Many will state that they are willing to take a bullet for the Lord or for people in their lives. But, are you willing to lay down your living? Are you willing to leave the comfort of your home after a hard day’s work to visit a shut-in? Are you willing to call the lonely yet long-winded saint who is all alone? Are you willing to go out on a cold night to share the gospel with someone? Are you willing give up a Saturday hobby to participate in a church work day; willing to help work so others won’t have to work so hard? Are you willing to risk embarrassment to give a sinner a gospel tract?


III – Does it result in a Stirring?

Does the love you proclaim to have stir you? That is, does it move you? Does it drive you to action?

Today, we often think that emotional love is enough. The thinking is if we have feelings towards something it is sufficient. The bible does not say that God so loved the world that he sat around and thought about it and felt emotional about it. The bible says that God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son. Does the mother sit around and feel bad for her crying baby because it is hungry or does she get up and feed it?

Do not be deceived into thinking that because you feel something towards someone that you have loved them. You have loved them biblically when you have sacrificially taken action towards demonstrating that love.

There is also often the mindset that someone else will do it. Someone else will do "something". The problem is that often everyone thinks that everyone else is doing something while in fact nobody is. There is a soul untouched, a shut-in left lonely, a grieving person left uncomforted, a desperate person left without hope, and so on. While everyone is "feeling" something nothing is getting done. People go to hell, feel unloved, go without comfort and hope while God's people sit around feeling emotional about them.

When is the last time you did something for someone else in which it inconvenienced you or really cost you something?

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