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Parenting Conference

What is a Parenting Conference?

¨ It is a three nights set aside to focus on the issues that parents are facing.

¨ It is dedicated to assist parents by providing biblical principles on parenting

¨ It is to help parents who are feeling the stress of child rearing in an age where parents are blamed for everything

What to Expect?

¨ Expect topics to be presented in positive way. The purpose is to help parents not hurt them.

¨ Expect to have fun while learning biblical principles for parenting.

¨ Expect to get help. Biblical teaching and preaching is available during the conference and a take home study guide  is available to help apply principles after the conference.

¨ Do not expect to be told what to do. You will be provided biblical principles but the parents are the God-ordained ones

¨ Do not expect for everything to be “fixed” in three days. It takes time to change habits.


¨  The importance of biblical relationships in the family

¨ The importance of biblical roles in the family

¨ The importance of biblically raising children

¨ The importance of living a biblically rich (abundant) life.

¨ The importance of realizing your children are moral free agents

¨ The importance of not reliving your childhood (Breaking the cycle)

¨ The importance of not reliving your childhood (Breaking the Cycle)

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