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Pressure to Bend

The Chick Fil A controversy brings our attention to more than just traditional marriage. It is a peek at the attack methods of those who dislike biblical Christianity. First, there was economic pressure in way of a boycott. This goes further than boycotting a policy but boycotting a belief. There is no policy to refuse service or employment to gays. Cathy stated a belief that he supported the biblical definition of marriage. Secondly, there is name calling. Cathy and all patrons of Chick Fil A are beingcalled “haters”, prejudiced, homophobes, and many other names. Some have claimed Cathy supports the Ugandan law of executing homosexuals. The truth is that he gives money to the Family Research Council who lobbied to have the language of a congressional resolution against Uganda changed. The FRC did not support violence against gays but wanted the language that stated homosexuality being a “right” removed. But, most people get their information from the liberal media spin masters and do not know this.

Thirdly, there are instances of vandalism and verbal abuse against Chick Fil A and their employees.

This pressure is meant to silence those who oppose the views of the pro-homosexual agenda. There is already talk from liberals regarding limiting free speech. The argument is that if someone’s speech incites violence

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