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Rememering 9/11

Pastor’s Thought of the Week – Remembering 9/11 It was a Tuesday morning, I had worked night shift at Mar Mac Wire, worked out, took a shower, and was watching the News before I went to sleep. I remember the initial report from Matt Lauer of the Today Show; “It appears a small plane has hit the World Trade Center”. Little did I know at the time that the events about to unfold before me would keep me awake all day. America would not sleep today either. Then, several minutes later many of us witnessed in horror as a passenger plane hit the other tower. The buildings burned and burned. Then the we began hearing of an attack on the Pentagon and the thwarted attacks by the heroes of Flight 93. This is the event that defines my generation. I wasn’t alive during Pearl Harbor or the assassination of JFK. But, there I sat with Brenda, dumbfounded, and not believing what was unfolding before me. We all have our stories and memories from that day. There are images that are etched in my mind; branded, like cattle. Some of these memories are that of people hurling themselves off the towers instead of burning to death. Who can forget the people, grey with soot and debris, running from the sight? Who can forget the brave reports of the heroes of Flight 93 who gave their lives in order to save others? Who will ever forget watching the firemen and police officers running towards the crumbling buildings while others ran out? I had the opportunity to go to NYC in 2006. The place I wanted to go above all others was Ground Zero. The tour bus let us out at a church across from Ground Zero. We waited in line to sign poster-sized paper and leave a message of condolences to those families who lost loved ones. Then we went across the busy road to the fence surrounding the construction zone where clean up was still going on. NYC is a very noisy city. But, five years later, there was a strange calm and quiet there. Sure there were cranes and construction workers making noise. But, not the regular noise of the city. It was if I was standing on hallowed ground. The first thing that shocked me was the size of it. Pictures did not accurately tell the story. Secondly, the amount of destruction that was still there years later. There were thousands of tons of debris left. Some partial staircases still standing. Some buildings still needed to be demolished. These buildings were too damaged to be occupied but did not fall. There were beams from the buildings that were destroyed placed outside of the contruction zone. These steel beams were twisted like they were made of rubber. There were pictures of the fallen heroes of that day. Being a history buff, I tried to explain to my children the significance of what stood before them. There were many just like me. We stood, we took pictures, we were emotional, and in awe. But there were some other tourists there. These were Muslims. The ground I stood on was just as hallowed to them as it was to me; but for different reasons. I remembered watching news reports of Muslims celebrating in the streets, shouting for joy, dancing, and praising their god for the death and destruction created. It is no accident that they are building a Mosque there. This sight is holy ground to them. I watched as the Muslim “tourists” take their pictures. They spoke quietly in Arabic to each other as I stared intently at them. I felt the anger rise in me. I wanted to say something. I wanted to ask them what satisfaction they received from this sight. Better judgment said that I should not. What many do not understand is the attackers of 9/11 practiced a religion which is foreign to most of us. This religion calls for the death of all those who refuse it. This religion makes no distinction between church and state. They teach that the state is run by the religious law and enforces it. It is not immoral to kill, steal, rape, etc. unless it is done to a fellow Muslim. All those outside of their religion are free game. Why would people living in caves attack a nuclear super power? Because they teach that the next great Inman will come at a time of Nuclear War. They teach that the Jewish Holocaust never happened. They reject that Israel has a right to exist. If they have their way, they would rip up our constitution, install strict religious law, and demand those of other faiths to convert or die. Knowing these facts, then why is Islam growing so fast in America? Ten years ago brave fire fighters, police officers, passengers, and ordinary citizens did what Jesus said was the greatest love. This is for a man to lay down his life for his friends. Americans are converting to a religion that takes lives instead of saving souls. How can this be? Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men. Mt 5:13. Could it be that Christians have lost their influence? Could it be that a watered-down, world-loving, self-centered form of godliness displayed has left a bad taste in the mouth of sinners? If American goes to hell, it is going to be because churches and Christians have failed.

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